SCIE national conference 14 June 2007 - Presentations

SCIE has hosted its third national conference in Birmingham, focussing mainly on carers, participation and people management issues.

SCIE used the opportunity to share our latest good practice guidance and hear the views of social care practitioners, managers, researchers, service users and carers.

Plenary sessions

Welcome, Allan Bowman, Chair, SCIE

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Vision for knowledge in social care, Julie Jones, Chief executive designate, SCIE

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Presentation, Craig Muir, Director of Social Care Policy and Innovation, Department of Health

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Presentation, Peter Lauener, Director - Supporting Delivery Group (Local Transformation), Department of Education and Skills

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Service users' perspective, Ann Macfarlane MBE, Disability Rights and Equalities Consultant and SCIE Board Member

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Questions and answers

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New product development

Introduction by Iris Steen, Director of Communications, SCIE

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Part 1: Iris Steen

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Part 2: Gavin Nettleton, Principal Adviser e-Learning, SCIE

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Part 3: Colin Paton, e-Learning Project Manager

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Part 4: The sISCO project, Sara Dunn, Consultant and Alex Braddel, Consultant

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Part 5: Iris Steen and Alan Bowman

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Service user participation

PARTIC1: Developing measures for effective service user and carer participation. Professor Mark Doel and Linda Laurie

Download presentation - integrated participation model (32kb Powerpoint file)

PARTIC2: The participation of adult service users, including older people in developing social care. Jo Moriarty and Jennifer Taylor.

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PARTIC3: Solving the puzzle of participation - a 'jigsaw' approach to involving children and young people. 

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PARTIC4: Exploring the participation of service users that are seldom heard.  Alice Sampson and Louisa Hernandez.

PARTIC5: Developing mental health advocacy with African Caribbean men.  Mick Mckeown.

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PARTIC6: Good practice in social care work with refugees and asylum seekers

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Support and information for carers

Introduction by Amanda Edwards, SCIE

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Helping carers to balance work and caring, Jill Akroyd, Project Manger, Carers Employment, Hertfordshire County Council

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Carer Participation, Professor Alan Roulstone, Head of the Centre for Social Policy and Applied Social Science, Team Leader Social Work and Social Care, University of Sunderland with Pat Hewitt, Carer

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CARER1: Implementing the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004 - supporting carers into employment - Jill Akroyd, Project Manager, Carers Employment, Hertfordshire County Council. Note: Free copies of Jill Ackroyd's DVD, 'Working for carers', are available from SCIE. Please contact Paul McGettigan on 0207 089 7104 if you wish to receive one.

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CARER2: Working together - carer participation in England, Wales and Northern Ireland - Professor Alan Roulstone, University of Sunderland, Pat Hewitt, Carer

CARER3: Following The Road Ahead, Andy Minnion, Director, and Pat Staples, Rix Centre, University of East London

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People Management: These seminars were for members of SCIE's People Management Network. To join the network and view the presentations visit the People Management website.

The delegates have their say

Jennifer Taylor, Service user, Shaping our Lives

"People live in care homes and residential homes and they don't get enough independence. They want to be in control of their lives,"

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James Robinson-Morley, Bedfordshire County Council - On valuing service user and carer input:

"I feel there's been a massive change just in the last five years. The whole idea of user participation and giving service users control... "

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Fabian Best, Rendezvous for Justice - On his experience of SCIE from a mental health BME perspective.

"Projects with users at the centre are having great difficulties connecting with local authorities."

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John Keep, Disabled Parents Network

"What i would like to see from SCIE, the Department of Health, and Education..."

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Anonymous, from an unnamed County Council

"The issue is around long term funding... central government need to put their money where their mouth is."

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Carol Lee MBE, Service user, learning difficulties - Has set up a self advocacy group.

"I used to be afraid to even speak to anyone. Being a member of a self advocacy group helped build my confidence in speaking up for myself."

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Linda Moore, Gateshead County Council - On mental health in families effected by drug and alcohol use

"It's like carers have taken a back seat again.... GPs should be identifying carers within their practice."

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Jane White, Gateshead County Council

"..around substance abuse and mental health very little has been done around the dual diagnosis... I'd like to see more involvement from carers."

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Jenny Pheby, West Berkshire County Council - On why she came to the SCIE conference...

"Finding hard to reach groups is another reason why I'm here. It's been a really useful morning."

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Sherone Fell, Luton Borough Council - On working with outcomes...

"It would be helpful if Every Child Matters outcomes and CSCI outcomes could be joined up in some way."

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Mark Rainey, Lincoln County Council - On carer participation in large counties...

"How do you make sure that at the same time as having a large county wide document you also have something that's applicable to the local population?"

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Maggie Beat, Norfolk County Council - On good practice in involving and empowering people with learning difficulties...

"We've taken the adult social services recruitment pack and made it more accessible, and that was designed alongside people with learning difficulties and family carers."

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Linda Hewson, Carer

"There is a great big divide in what's for people with learning difficulties and everybody else and my son would like to do the same as everybody else... meet the person, not the condition."

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Gyles Palmer, Powys Carers Service - On participation in Wales...

"For me the most powerful way of changing culture is to ensure that the people who require the support have the control over the support they require."

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Elaine Paris, Service user, mental health - On the SCIE conference...

"I didn't know anything about SCIE, so I'm going to have a look on the internet and let other service users know about it."

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