Social Work and Social Care Research for the Health Agenda - January 2009


A seminar to highlight social care and social work research contributions to the health agenda was held on Tuesday 27 January 2009. It was hosted by the Research Strategy Implementation Group and funded by SCIE. Seven researchers addressed an audience from both sectors to highlight the contributions of social care and social work research to important health issues, and to demonstrate how the impact of traditional health research may be strengthened by engaging with researchers in this sector:

The Social Work Research Strategy Implementation Group (Joint University Council Social Work Education Committee) recognises the key role that social care and social work play in the health and well-being of individuals, families and communities. Indeed, some of the current priorities highlighted by the Department of Health (e.g. personalisation, patient satisfaction, access to care, health promotion, prevention of illness and health inequalities) require cross sector involvement to achieve favourable outcomes. The inter-relationship between the two disciplines has been recognised at the National Institute for Health Research where a new School for Social Care is being set up.