Human rights: transforming services? - March 2006

International and domestic speakers met with social care practitioners, law professionals, policy makers and users of social care services this week to discuss how human rights legislation can affect access to social care, health, education and justice services.

The 'Human rights: transforming services?' conference - hosted by the SCIE and the Disability Rights Commission (DRC), with support from the British Institute for Human Rights and Doughty Street Chambers - referred to the principles of human rights legislation, cases where law has challenged services, and the development of new policies as a direct result of legislation.

All the speakers at the conference reinforced the view that human rights are for everybody and should be used to improve services for children and families, people with mental health problems, older people and people with disabilities.

Plenary speeches and presentations

Panel sessions

Session 1: Access to health care

Session 2: Access to social care

Session 3: Access to education

Session 4: Access to justice