International seminar: good practice - April 2009


International visitors

SCIE is leading worldwide research and development institutes in developing good practice and were proud to welcome international social care research specialists during a recent trip to London. They arrived from Sweden, Germany, Canada, France and Finland. SCIE hosted a two day event which focused on addressing the big issues such as how to capture knowledge about developing practice in a fast moving sector; through to translating that into realistic, practical guidance for the workforce. 

Topics for discussion

The delegation agreed that the foundations upon which to meet these challenges both nationally and internationally are a strong evidence base and the raising the status of social care. Prior to the event the following questions were posed to the delegates:

  1. Is there a sufficiently robust evidence base to identify good practice?
  2. What are the political issues that need to be addressed in developing good practice?
  3. What are the practical delivery mechanisms to promote the adoption of good practice?

Discussions also included how to make sure that health and welfare systems collaborate to improve practice, and how best to deliver the messages to the grass roots level: in Sweden alone, social services are delivered by over 290 municipalities.

Knut Sundall

Swedish guest

Knut Sundell, Director of the Institute for Evidence-Based Social Work Practice in Stockholm, said: “The good thing is that European professionals are becoming more aware that normal practice can have its advantages and disadvantages. We need to find similarities and differences and with those differences, sharpen our thoughts to take back home. It’s been fascinating.”

Looking to the future

There was a sense of optimism and enthusiasm throughout the 2 day event as everyone seemed to be singing from the same song sheet, despite the wide range of accents!   Here are some areas people agreed to work on:   Standards of knowledge for defining good practice

The seminar

Welcome and introductions

Julie Jones, Chief Executive, Social Care Institute for Excellence, London, UK


Presentation 1:SCIE’s approach to Good Practice

Amanda Edwards, Patricia Kearney, Mike Fisher, Social Care Institute for Excellence, London, UK

Discussion 1

Presentation 2: ANESM approach to Good Practice

Pascale Dorenlot, ANESM, France Agence nationale de l'évaluation et de la qualité des établissements et services sociaux et médico-sociaux), Paris, France

Discussion 2

Evening speech

Julie Jones, SCIE and Jenny Owen, Association of Directors of Adult Social Services (ADASS)

Presentation 3: STAKES approach to Good Practice

Laura Yliruka, Juha Koivisto National Institute for Health and Welfare, Helsinki, Finland

Discussion 3

Presentation 4: DJI approach to Good Practice

Heinz Kindler, Erik van Santen, Deutsche Jugend Institute, Munich, Germany

Discussion 4

Presentation 5: AETMIS approach to Good Practice

Pierre Dagenais, Jean-Pierre Duplantie Agence d'evaluation des technologies et des modes d'intervention en santé, Quebec, Canada

Discussion 5

Presentation 6: IMS approach to Good Practice

Knut Sundell, Mari Forslund, Jenny Rehnman Institute for Evidence-based Social Work, Stockholm, Sweden

Discussion 6

Plenary: take home messages