Parental Mental Health and Child Welfare Conference 7th July 2009

Think child, think parent, think family: a guide to parental mental health and child welfare


SCIE held an event on Tuesday 7th July 2009, championing good practice for people who work with issues involving parental mental health and child welfare.  The Conference was used as an opportunity to launch a new guide which promotes the wellbeing of children whose parents have mental health problems (SCIE Guide 30: Think child, think parent, think family: a guide to parental mental health and child welfare)

The Social Care Institute for Excellence say that professionals should ‘think child, think parent, think family and think outside the box’ to support parents with mental health problems and their families.

Click on the links below to view the speaker presentations and workshops from the day.


Damien Kavanagh

Damien Kavanagh, who works for CAUSE in Belfast, a peer-led charity in Northern Ireland directed and staffed by past and present carers.“I do believe that eventually mental health services will improve, particularly helping families that have young carers in them.”


Karen Johnson

Karen Johnson, lead nurse for safeguarding children for Derbyshire Mental Health. Karen ran the workshop looking at how systems can work together, especially with an emphasis on leadership. “It was a really productive and creative time at today’s conference. We have to think more holistically about families. We need a good productive relationship with families.”


Melissa Moore

Melissa Moore, a member of PATCH (Parents Apart from their Children), “I’ve really loved today. I’ve learnt so much. What I want to tell people is that it’s not fair for the child to not understand what is going on for their parents.”



Rachael from Liverpool on a pioneering family room which has helped her Mum and her family


Amanda Edwards

Amanda Edwards, SCIE’s Deputy Chief Executive, talks about the new guidance



Cait from Liverpool on why she’s the expert on her Mum’s mental health problems



Louisa from Liverpool: “I became my Mum”


Louise Wardale

Louise Wardale, Barnados, Liverpool. “I think it’s absolutely crucial that guidance like this comes out. Staff needs to take responsibility for supporting parents and their children.”

Presentations (PowerPoint)