Imagining a transformed health and care landscape

In our paper Total transformation of care and support we identified five areas where transformation is needed in health and care systems:

  1. Helping people and families to stay well, connected to others and resilient when facing health or care needs
  2. Supporting people and families who need help to carry on living well at home
  3. Enabling people with support needs to do enjoyable and meaningful things during the day, or look for work
  4. Developing new models of care for those who need accommodation as well as support in their community
  5. Equipping people to regain independence following hospital or other forms of health care.

For each area, we also identified promising models of care, such as Shared Lives, Local Area Coordination and Age UK’s Living Well approach, and modelled the potential savings to the care system if we scaled them up. Based on financial modelling of cost savings from implementing the changes elsewhere, we concluded that implementing these models in Birmingham would generate cashable savings of £7.5 million per year within adult social care.

In Realising the value, Nesta and partners, including the Health Foundation, National Voices and PPL, looked at what it means to put people, families and communities at the heart of health and wellbeing, and the actions that national bodies and local areas can take to make this a reality.

In The asset-based area (TLAP, 2017) and Asset-based places (SCIE, 2017), we described how statutory services, working with communities, can develop asset-based areas which create the right conditions in which innovation can be fostered.

The question which follows is: what would a local health and care system look like were we able to create asset-based areas and scale up the most promising innovations? Such a system, in our view, would have the following features.

These features of a transformed system are represented in the following map and stories.

Growing innovative models of health, care and support for adults
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