4. Grow and mobilise community assets

Create the right environment for an assetbased approach to succeed, by engaging commissioners, supporting the voluntary sector, building partnerships and trialling outcomesbased payment mechanisms.

The viability and success of asset-based approaches is dependent on thriving and vibrant communities, a strong and sustainable voluntary and community sector, an ample and diverse offer of non-statutory services and activities, and a commitment to capacity development. There is a whole array of community interventions, programmes, activities and groups which have been shown to contribute to people’s health, wellbeing and social inclusion.

The public sector, including local authorities and the NHS, is becoming increasingly reliant on the services provided by voluntary organisations, community groups, faith groups, social enterprises and community interest companies. It is therefore widely recognised that these organisations need to be protected, supported and strengthened to ensure they remain sustainable and responsive to the changing and growing needs of people and communities.

Examples of how key enablers can be achieved:

  • System and infrastructure that support partnership, co-production, VCSE representation in strategic leadership and governance
  • Funding, grants and social investment
  • Inclusive commissioning