Conclusions and next steps in the transformation of care and support

Health and care systems need to transform if they are to meet the needs of the future.

This paper outlines some models for policy-makers and planners to consider.

It is the start, not the end of the journey. This research demonstrates that some models have the potential to deliver significant savings and outcomes if they are scaled up. We also know that there are many emerging examples of practice that show early potential to transform care if rolled out.

We would like to encourage local areas to have a conversation about how they can transform care. Template for local total transformation conversations outlines an approach to those conversations which areas may wish to use.

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In the coming months, we will consult local areas about what they want to see from the total transformation of social care.

We would like to hear from you if you have examples of evidence-based models of care that you think need to be part of the total transformation of social care and support.

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