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The Flourishing Lives tour

Social care showcase webinar number eight

The Flourishing Lives Tour is based on the findings from a National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR)-funded project, exploring how people with learning disabilities can be better supported to lead good lives. Organisers spoke with 72 people with learning disabilities and family carers; and then organised a learning community with support workers, people with learning disabilities, provider managers, family carers and academics.

Your panel

This one-hour session is led by two people with learning disabilities – Rebecca Spalding and Beth Richards, and two family carers – Angeli Vaid and Alan Spalding. Also on the panel is Sara Ryan, Professor of Social Care, Manchester Metropolitan University.

Research was based on the idea that the key to wellbeing is about having the opportunities to do the things that people really love to do, even if they choose not to do them on a particular day. Three key things can help to living a flourishing life: Confidence, belonging and thinking ahead. They also found people should be supported to try new things.

The project is led by Professor Sara Ryan, Manchester Metropolitan University; and project partners My Life My Choice, Oxfordshire Family Support Network, Point of Care Foundation, University of Aberdeen, University of Western Health Sciences, Paradigm, DIPEx Charity and Dimensions.

Webinar slides: The Flourishing Lives tour