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Provider Quality Oversight – practice sharing

Social care showcase webinar number four

The Integrated Commissioning Service at Buckinghamshire Council aims to commission high quality and value for money health and social care services to enable Buckinghamshire residents of all ages to access the right services, in the right place at the right time. Over the last two years the Integrated Commissioning Service has been developing and embedding a more consistent and robust approach to the quality oversight of commissioned care and support providers for adults.

This has included:

  • The implementation of the PAMMS provider monitoring framework
  • The development of a new Concerns and Serious Concerns Procedure, underpinned by a system of dynamic risk ratings
  • Strengthened system oversight and governance of provider quality
  • Improved use of Council and partnership data to inform quality oversight

The webinar is a collaborative conversation around how local authorities are approaching provider quality oversight. Colleagues from Buckinghamshire Council are keen to share their developing practice and planned next steps, and engage in a dialogue with other local authorities about their own practice. Following a presentation by the council, there will be plenty of time for questions and discussion.

Your panel:

  • Jess Thompson, Programme Manager for the Integrated Commissioning Service, Buckinghamshire Council
  • Matilda Moss, Head of Integrated Commissioning, Buckinghamshire Council

Watch the webinar recording

Webinar slides: Provider Quality Oversight – practice sharing