Introduction: understand and measure impact of integrated care


Measuring success is key to performance management, service improvement and accountability. Health and care managers who have a considered, systematic and proportionate approach to monitoring and evaluation can:

This guide provides practical tools and tips on how to measure the impact of integrated health and care. It covers the following:

In integrated care, measuring impact is complex. Compared to the private sector – or even to individual public service organisations – integrated care is never achieved by any one agency or person working in isolation. There are also very different definitions of what ‘success’ looks like among stakeholders across the system – from commissioners, providers and regulators to patients, service users, carers and community groups.

Engagement, consultation and co-production are critical to not only achieving integrated care but also to measuring impact. It is vital to work with stakeholders from start to finish, acknowledge and discuss competing priorities and trade-offs, and focus on finding answers to these key questions:

  • What are the desired outcomes?
  • What measures will be used to track progress and impact?

The answers to these questions are necessary to build and implement a strong approach to monitoring, performance management and evaluation. This, in turn, will help providers understand what works and what should be changed to deliver real, sustainable improvement in integrated, person-centred care.

When done well, monitoring and evaluation can drive successful delivery of integrated care. The range of outcomes and measures should be selected with that in mind. These should include: people’s experiences of care; care outcomes in terms of changes to people’s health and wellbeing; and better use of resources.

Dr Nick Goodwin, CEO, The International Foundation for Integrated Care

Key messages

Engage, consult and co-produce with stakeholders from start to finish

How to... understand and measure impact of integrated care
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