Integrated health and social care 2020: research

Published March 2017

Research to inform the Integration Standard and the next phase of the government’s plans to integrate health and social care

The government wants to see the integration of health and social care, in every area of England, by 2020. The Department of Health’s initial thinking included the concept of an Integration Standard with associated metrics that enable qualitative and quantitative data to measure the performance of each area, giving a clear picture of progress toward integration.

This report presents the findings from a programme of scoping research and engagement to:

SCIE undertook the research on behalf of the Department of Health, involving national stakeholders, local areas and people who use health and care services.

The research will inform the government’s plans for the further integration of health of social care, including the next phase of the Better Care Fund.

Integration Standard – key feedback

This study confirms full support for the ambition of integration by 2020 because bringing together health and social care is universally seen as the right thing to do.

A national standard therefore might fulfil several essential functions: