Joint working to deliver better care

Report from SCIE, London Health and Care Integration Collaborative and PPL event held on 5 October 2015.

SCIE Report 75

Published: January 2016

We need to keep going back to what we are trying to achieve – asking what people’s needs are, what they want, and who are the people we are talking about?

Sarah Pickup, Deputy Chief Executive, Local Government Association

On 5 October 2015, the London Health and Care Integration Collaborative, SCIE and PPL came together to deliver an event for London on the theme of joint working to deliver better care. The event was attended by around 70 people from across London with an interest in or involved in delivering integrated care.

The aims of the event were to enable participants to:

Taking the form of a plenary session, followed by in depth breakout sessions, the event drew extensively on the learning from comprehensive work by SCIE and PPL on integration, including two How To Guides produced on leadership and joint working, as well as from examples from within London.

Key messages



Visit the London Councils website to access powerpoint presentations and a recording of the plenary sessions

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