The National Mental Capacity Forum is a joint Ministry of Justice and Department of Health and Social Care initiative.

Its purpose is to work with stakeholders from health and social care, together with those from other sectors (for example, finance, legal, police, housing) to identify complementary actions which member organisations can pursue, especially at a local level, to improve implementation of the MCA.

The Forum consists of a small, core group of stakeholders representing different areas in the sector, and a larger group of associate members. It brings together those responsible for implementing the MCA to identify and take forward shared actions to benefit people who use services.

What is the Forum?

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Registered Intermediaries recruitment campaign

The Ministry of Justice is seeking Registered Intermediaries, which are are used in criminal proceedings to assist victims and witnesses. Search online for Registered Intermediary vacancies in South West, North West, South East, West Midlands; and Wales.
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