An eye for detail and another for the bigger picture

Featured article - 05 February 2019
By Stef Lunn, Adults Social Care Consultant

National Mental Capacity Forum blog - Mental Capacity Act

This week I said a fond farewell to the National Mental Capacity Forum’s Leadership Group. I was honoured that Baroness Finlay invited as me to be a member of the group at its inception. Over the past three years I have been regularly encouraged by the group’s ability to deal with matters of fine detail in areas of life as diverse as fraud prevention, priorities for the new NICE guidance and treatment in intensive care whilst not losing sight of the bigger picture; the absolute priority of raising awareness amongst the wider public. The dynamism and energy of the chair and group members is apparent at each interaction, and something that I know we will see again at this year’s National Mental Capacity Action day.

A regular refresh of the group membership has been key to maintaining this energy. My many and varied substantive roles over the past three years have enabled me to make a regular and changing contribution to the group. So now, settling into a longer term role, it feels like the right time to offer my knowledge and skills on a more ad hoc basis, stepping down from the leadership group. As an enthusiastic member of the wider National Mental Capacity Forum, I hope that a new leadership group member will replace me. Someone who can bring a unique insight – an eye for detail in a new and important area, but with an ability to see the bigger picture and keep the momentum going.

For myself, my role is to develop citizen’s electronic records and ensure that health and social care practitioners are really supported to embody the spirit of the Mental Capacity Act, to the benefit of citizens at crucial times in their lives. And if, at any time, my expertise in electronic health and social care recording systems can help the forum – I’d be thrilled to get stuck into the details – knowing that when I inevitably get mired in the minutiae, I’ll be gently reminded of the overall ethos of the act!

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