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Support tool – Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

Supporting the sector to examine practice and identify options for Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards authorisations (DoLS).

Last updated: April 2024

The rationale for this tool at this point in time is the decision taken in April 2023, to delay implementation of the Liberty Protection Safeguards; the Department of Health and Social Care stated that “the Government had taken the difficult decision to delay the implementation of the Liberty Protection Safeguards beyond the life of this Parliament…”

This announcement of delay comes years after the Liberty Protection Safeguards were recommended by the House of Lords Select Committee. The delay to the point of the announcement has already significantly impacted people’s right to liberty as well as placed enormous pressure on Councils who have continued to operate DoLS.

This tool has been developed to support DoLS leads in identifying options for completing DoLS activities, that may support the relocation of resources to address DoLS assessments still waiting to be completed.

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Going forward

This tool is being further developed to include a financial costings element, to aid decision making for investment in possible digital solutions, where required.

We would welcome your feedback on the current version, please drop us an email.