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Beyond compliance – supporting your journey through the new single assessment framework

How you can use the new CQC Assurance Framework to support your improvement and innovation beyond a tick box exercise.

Date and time: 21 June 2023, 2pm – 5pm

This event has now taken place.

This event was free of charge. If you would be interested in making a donation towards SCIE’s charitable work, including events like this, that would be hugely appreciated. Please visit our donations page to find out more information. Thank you.

With changes to the CQC framework in the pipeline, SCIE is proud to support the social care sector in striving to innovate and embed good practice wherever it can.

In this exclusive event, held at the NCVO offices in Kings Cross, London, we helped attendees to learn more about the thinking behind the new framework and how to use this as a learning opportunity moving forwards.

With the ongoing and challenging environment of funding, SCIE continues to host free of charge panel events to help disseminate best practice and to learn from others. Each of our events take a deeper look at subjects ‘beyond compliance’, where we work towards our vision of a society where care and support maximises people’s choices, removes social inequality and enables people to live fulfilling, safe and healthy lives.

What we mean by ‘beyond compliance’

Regulators have different approaches – some to drive improvement – some to assess safety, but regulation has ultimately come down to ‘what is good enough’ however, ‘good enough’ may not be good enough for citizens’ wants and what they deserve. SCIE believe that the new assurance framework can be used as a vehicle for improvement. CQC will want to see the effect on the local population and that takes us beyond compliance.

Aims of this free event:

  • To help you use the new CQC single assessment framework to support your improvement and innovation.
  • To help you learn more about the thinking behind the new framework.
  • To increase your knowledge on commissioning for outcomes, safeguarding and co-production and Care Act compliance.

The panel:

Chaired by SCIE CEO, Kathryn Smith

  • Gerard Crofton-Martin, SCIE Director of Transformation & Improvement
  • Ellie Haworth, SCIE Head of Partnerships & Practice Improvement
  • Suzanne Howard, SCIE Practice Development Consultant – Safeguarding
  • Tim Parkin, Think Local Act Personal (TLAP) Head of Policy
  • Jennifer Pearl, Member of TLAP’s National Co-production Advisory Group (NCAG) and person who draws on care and support
  • Catherine Underwood, Nottingham City Council Corporate Director of People (DCS and DASS)

Agenda of the day

Arrival and networking

Welcome by the Chair, Kathryn Smith, SCIE CEO

TLAP – Making it Real (Tim Parkin as Head of Policy and Jennifer Pearl as member of NCAG) 

Our story – Nottingham City Council’s Corporate Director of People (DCS and DASS), Catherine Underwood, explores their journey to become one of the CQC’s pilot sites

Refreshments and networking

SCIE – moving towards the new framework – outcomes. A hosted conversation.

Panel Q & A

Chair closing remarks

SCIE is working closely with EY to provide relevant support to Local Authorities’ partners in this area by combining a bespoke headline ASC Pathway, alongside performance improvement expertise tailored for social care.

The benefit of this ASC Pathway is that it allows your existing service performance and improvement projects to be effectively reviewed and prioritised alongside further opportunities for improvement and to learn from best practice across the sector.

If you would like to find out more about SCIE’s work with EY, please contact Helen Norbury, SCIE Head of Business Development.