everyLIFE PASSsystem evaluation

27 March 2019

SCIE has been involved in the first evaluation in building an evidence base around effective use of technology in social care.

The PASSsystem is a digital care management platform which has been adopted by approximately 700 care providers across the UK. The PASSsystem, from everyLIFE Technologies, is used by care workers, care supervisors, care managers and care directors of homecare, reablement, residential, supported living and live-in care businesses delivering person-centred care.

An evaluation of the PASSsystem has been conducted by members of the everyLIFE team, with direction and supervision from SCIE and York Consulting. During the evaluation, surveys were conducted with managers, staff and business owners. Also, there were interviews with managers, owners, other staff and commissioners of adult care services. In addition, there was a literature review and economic assessment.

The aim of the evaluation was to assess the extent to which the PASSsystem is helping social care providers to demonstrate and deliver safe, efficient, high quality care, and accountability.

  • The PASSsystem was considered to help reduce and manage risk for all participants
  • The PASSsystem was considered to improve efficiency in the delivery of care.
  • Participants reported that the PASSsystem enabled improvements to the quality of care delivered to service users
  • The PASSsystem was considered to improve overall accountability in care businesses.

Participants offered suggestions on areas where the PASSsystem can improve, for instance mentioning that a longer time-out window would be appreciated; and that the current reporting capability needs to be extended. The suggestions have all been taken on board or are being considered.

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