Social care funding announcement: SCIE response

07 September 2021

A new health and social care tax will be introduced across the UK to pay for reforms to the care sector and NHS funding in England. Responding to the news, Social Care Institute for Excellence Chief Executive, Kathryn Smith, says:

The extra funding is more than welcome though what is just as important is how it is used. We’ve been calling for a sustained increase in funding to stabilise the system and to meet growing demand. The funding is desperately needed and must be ring-fenced to social care. And then it will be up to all of us in the sector to work to maximise the best use of this funding. A fully transformed social care system needs to be personalised for people, using their assets rather than asking what is wrong with them. It needs to be more integrated with health; and regularly adapting to innovation to reach more people and extend the workforce. And it must put people who draw on services at its heart so that they are central to the decisions made about them. We call that co-production. In turn that will attract more people to the social care workforce, so that people who draw on services have much better experiences and outcomes.

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