Integration White Paper: SCIE response

09 February 2022

The Health and Social Care Integration White Paper has been published today.

SCIE's Chief Executive, Kathryn Smith, says:

The true test of integrated care is whether the changes to local services make a tangible difference to people’s care experiences. The pandemic demonstrated the inter-dependence of the NHS and social care. Whilst shared care records will enable the joined-up care people expect, better data does not on its own lead to better outcomes or experiences. A culture change in how care is organised, financed and delivered is just as important.

Kathryn Smith continues

Local partnerships are key to delivering this ambition, and we welcome the White Paper’s continuity for integration reforms already underway. Our research supports the premise of flexibility for local 'place' arrangements. Involving citizens and communities is crucial for determining how best to meet the needs of local people and expand their care choices.

SCIE Chief Executive, Kathryn Smith, concludes

The Government’s White Paper for the integration of health and social care is the right way forward, but realising the ambition requires long-term commitment and investment. Integration will not resolve the urgent issues of stabilising the social care system or tackling the backlog of NHS demand.

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