Transforming care. Combine innovation and evidence.

14 November 2018

In a new paper published today, the Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE) calls on national and local policy makers to invest in growing – or scaling up – innovative and effective models of social care and support that promote individual wellbeing and build on people’s and community strengths.

SCIE also calls on Government to use the opportunity of the forthcoming Green Papers on adult social care and prevention to accelerate the pace of change: to present a vision for how care and support goes beyond the traditional boundaries of social care to foster people’s wellbeing, social connections and independence.

Paul Burstow, chair of SCIE, says:

“The Government’s October 2018 announcement of £650 million additional money for adult social care in 2019/20 is welcome news … Investment should be targeted on evidence-based ways of working which prevent or reduce the need for care in the first place, or improve outcomes when they are needed… As this report demonstrates, there is already enough good evidence to make the change to a more proactive, preventative way of working which delivers more of what people want: a life.”

Transforming care and support draws together emerging evidence and insights from recent work. For example, asset-based approaches can bring together the skills, knowledge and assets available within communities and individuals – as well as the public, private and voluntary sectors. The development of an asset-based approach requires a strong overarching vision and a different approach to commissioning to bring about significant change.

Transforming care and support is part of SCIE’s Future of Care series of papers. It is launched today to coincide with the National Children and Adult Services Conference in Manchester.

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