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Our Voice: Celebrating co-production

09 July 2021
By Robin Gibson. Inclusive Participation Officer, The Down’s Syndrome Association

At the Down’s Syndrome Association we are lucky enough to have a team of people who have Down’s syndrome that work as part of the organisation. We love co-production, and working together is what the group is all about.

We would like to wish everyone a happy (and productive) co-production week. We believe in Inclusive participation which means everyone can take part in the work and activities of organisations.

Through ‘Our Voice’ and other activities people who have Down’s syndrome are involved in the planning and delivery of services, decision making at all levels of the organisation and evaluating our activities. We think the best ways for people to participate is by creating things, and making decisions together; through co-production.

The Our Voice team meet weekly on Zoom to talk about important topics and work on projects together. Due to the coronavirus pandemic we started hosting weekly update webinars to inform people of important change and work that was happening to protect the rights of people who have Down’s syndrome. 28 were held in all. The Our Voice team have regularly presented at these events and shared their stories or discussed updates from the group.

Emotional wellbeing

The ‘Our Voice’ team helped in the development of lots of resources including the hugely popular Emotional Wellbeing resources with the aim to help parents, supporters and people who have Down’s syndrome to support emotional wellbeing. Emotional wellbeing is about how we think and feel and how we cope with life events. It is also about how we deal with our own emotions as well as those of others.

We hope the resources will help people who have Down’s syndrome to feel good about themselves and give them ways of coping when life is challenging.

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