Commissioning for personalisation: London

The video looks at two inner London authorities where personalisation has lead to a total rethink of commissioning. The film highlights how the councils have reformulated their commissioning processes allowing people who use the services to be resources in their own right. This has led to imaginative solutions to complex social needs and supported the development of high quality and sustainable local services.

The video highlights personalisation for younger adults in health services in Camden and describes how three councils reformulated their commissioning process to a person centered approach. The commissioners worked with small, local social enterprises to ensure they offered good, efficient services with people who use services at their centre. The second half of the film goes on to describe how block commissioned services in Tower Hamlets have been changed to give those using services more choice and control over their support.

Messages for practice

  1. Developing and commissioning small, person-centred services can bring added value and wider benefits to people using care services.
  2. Commissioners are developing their understanding of the range of potential small providers and how these providers can work together
  3. There are significant advantages to enabling people who use services to also provide services.

Who will find this useful?

Social workers and other care professionals Commissioners of social care services Community health professionals Local councillors Private, voluntary and public providers of services