Personalisation for older people in residential care

The video introduced by the manager of a residential care home for older people with dementia who talks about the importance of understanding the individual, their interests, background and personal history. The benefits of this approach are illustrated by Marjorie’s story. Marjorie has been supported and encouraged to take up her interest in music again and it has brought pleasure to her life. There is an emphasis on relationship-based, individual person-centred care, rather than a functional approach to basic personal care. This is important to maintaining dignity and well-being. The latter half of the film looks at the family and carer support that the service also provides as part of person-centred care.

Messages for practice

  1. Understanding the individual, their interests, background and personal history is crucial for developing person-centred care for older people, particularly older people with dementia.
  2. Relationship-based support as well as basic personal care is necessary for delivering personalised services in residential settings.
  3. Supporting families and carers as part of the overall package is important.

Who will find this useful?

Commissioners; managers of residential care and nursing homes; social care workers supporting people with dementia; older people and their carers; older people with dementia, their carers and families; social care and social work students; the general public.