Promoting independence in care homes

What is the video about?

Actors have been used in this short film.

Emily is 94 and a resident of a care home, The context of the drama is the balancing of risks and freedoms for Emily. She wants to continue making tea for herself each morning, despite the risks of falls or scalds, and the staff team are anxious to ensure that arrangements are made which keep Emily safe.

During the decision-making process, consideration is given to the risk of harm to Emily, balanced against her right to freedom of action.

Messages for practice

  1. It is important to promote choice and control for people who need care and support; they should be enbaled to do as much as possible for themselves.
  2. Each individual is different, sometimes simple things, like making a cup oftea for themselves, can be very important.
  3. Where there is a risk to health or safety, it is important to think of ways that the person can be supported to maintain their independence rather than preventing them from doing the things they want. Or doing things for them.

Who will find this useful?

This film is aimed at front-line care staff, particularly care workers in care homes. It is also relevant for other people who provide care on a daily basis. It will be of interest to care home managers, commissioners and others who work with people in residential care, and relatives and friends of people in residential care.