Personalisation – making it happen: black and minority ethnic (BME) communities

The video looks at the work of Oldham’s Link Service, which offers advice, guidance and support to people from local black and minority ethnic (BME) communities who use services. It shows how the organisation has developed the specialist knowledge to help people to benefit from personalisation, including those whom traditional services may find hard to reach. It also highlights the importance of effective communication in understanding the various cultural and religious needs of BME communities.

Messages for practice

  1. BME organisations are in a unique position to help people from BME communities to benefit from personalisation.
  2. BME organisations will usually have the links within local communities to reach people who may not be known to other services.
  3. Effective communication is vital to understanding the different cultural and religious needs of BME communities.
  4. BME organisations are an invaluable resource for local authorities.

Who will find this useful?

Community workers; commissioners of social care and health; qualified social workers; social work students; professionals allied to social work; occupational therapists; service users and their carers.