Prevention for people with learning disabilities

Many people with a learning disability can live independently, living alone and in employment. However, others may need more intensive support with tasks such as eating, dressing and personal care. Although support needs may differ, we know that with the right support, people with learning disabilities can live full and meaningful lives. Without it, people are at risk of losing their independence, becoming socially isolated and unable to develop or maintain relationships with family and friends. Prevention is key.

Valuing People: a new strategy for learning disability for the 21st Century (Department of Health, 2001) and Valuing People Now (Department of Health, 2009) outlines that support for people with learning disabilities should be based on and uphold a number of basic rights and values including ‘inclusion in local communities, choice in their daily lives and real opportunities to be independent’.

Making choices, being informed

Promoting independence and wellbeing

Connecting individuals and communities