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This prototype beta version of the Library contains records for a small number of examples of current prevention services. These have been provided by local authorities and voluntary sector providers interested in profiling their services as part of this resource’s launch.

To make the Prevention Library a really useful go-to resource, we want to build up a directory of service provision across England reflecting a wide range of preventative approaches.

If you are currently planning or providing prevention services in adult social care, we would like to hear from you. The Library includes both pilot and more established services.

Submitting an example for publication involves a short telephone interview following an initial email or meeting.

We would like to gather information about:

  • Why the service was launched – context, commissioning, service design
  • Details of what is provided, number of people supported, type of activities and costs
  • Whether the service has been evaluated, what are the outcomes including service user experience and any cost savings
  • Future developments, links to related organisations and/or publications

For more details see this service record example – Leeds Neighbourhood Networks

If you are interested in sharing details of service provision in your area please contact us


LAUGH research project

LAUGH research project New practice example about a research project to develop highly personalised, playful objects for people with advanced dementia
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