SCIE Research briefing: Methodology

This section explains the methodology behind the research and construction of the SCIE Research briefing.

SCIE research briefings are designed to provide access to research evidence for a varied audience, including practitioners, students, managers, policy-makers and researchers. Research briefings provide a concise, narrative summary of the research knowledge on a particular topic and signpost routes to further information. In addition, research briefings marked Rapid Review identify a specific intervention and provide an assessment of its effectiveness using rapid review methods.

The briefings are based on material drawn from relevant electronic databases, journals and texts, and where appropriate, from additional sources identified by the authors, such as inspection reports and annual reviews. The research briefings are not full systematic reviews and should not be treated as a definitive evaluation of all the evidence on a particular issue.

Methodology for Briefings 31 onwards

Methodology for Briefings 21-30

Methodology for Briefings 1-20