Get connected to e-learning - for social care providers

What is e-learning?

We are meticulous in checking the quality of our training and I now feel there is enough e-learning of sufficient quality which small independents such as ourselves can afford.

Hazel at Calderdale Care Scheme

e-Learning is a general term that covers the use of any sort of information technology (IT) to provide or support learning. It includes:

This booklet focuses on learning via the internet, often called online learning. It is written specifically for smallto medium-sized organisations and businesses in the social care sector.

Online learning can be done using any form of technology that connects to the internet.

The most common way to access the internet for learning is by using a desktop computer or laptop. More learners are now also using mobile technologies such as smartphones and iPads.

People use the term e-learning to refer to just a single snippet of learning about a specific topic, as well as larger units of learning grouped together to form online courses. Where there are a number of online courses together they may all be contained in a system, often called a Learning Management System (LMS).

Formal learning

Formal learning comes in the shape of modules, courses, guides, or any organised learning experience with a specific set of learning goals or learning outcomes.

We are focusing on formal learning.

Informal learning

Do not underestimate the great importance of informal learning. The internet has become essential as a reference source. All kinds of web services are now spreading information through social interaction. Social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Skype have great potential for supporting informal learning in the workplace. For example, they can be used for follow-up after training, or a way for people to question a subject expert.

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