Introduction to this guidance about cross-border placements

This guidance is intended to assist authorities in the UK (England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland) involved in cross-border placements as described in Schedule 1 to the Care Act 2014.

In this context, a cross-border placement describes a situation where an adult is being, or has been, placed by an English, Welsh or Scottish local authority or Northern Irish health and social care trust (collectively referred to in this guidance as ‘authorities’) into accommodation in a different UK country in order to meet their social care needs. The terms ‘first authority’ and ‘second authority’ are often used to describe the placing authority (the first authority) and the authority into whose area the person is moving (the second authority).

The guidance is not aimed at cross-border placements made by NHS bodies (in England, Scotland and Wales). It also does not cover cross-border placements where the person is being accommodated in a country outside of the UK. Cross-border placements involving children are not addressed by this guidance (except for the purposes of transition and when a young person is approaching, or has just reached, the age of 18).

In this guidance, ‘social care’ is used as a generic term which incorporates the following legal concepts:

The meaning of ‘accommodation’ in England, Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland is discussed later in this guidance.



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