Managing practice

SCIE Guide 1

Published January 2003

Updated December 2012

About this guide

Since this Guide was produced, first-line manager expertise in developing and sustaining performance through supervision has continued to be of considerable importance in social work and social care. Most recently, the Social Work Reform Board has developed the Professional Capabilities Framework. This sets out capabilities at all stages of a social work career, and has a strong emphasis on how to use and deliver supervision. Managing Practice provides ‘how to’ material for line managers in their important role supporting effective practice.


First-line managers are the keystone of any social services organisation: their quality and competence make a significant difference to its performance. Managers must often manage teams of people who are working with people who have complex problems and at a time when they are experiencing, or trying to produce major changes in their lives.

It requires a range of different skills and competencies both in managing staff and in ensuring information flow throughout the organisation.


This guide provides information and knowledge to support critical thinking and methods so that first line managers can apply, adapt and develop the material to their own particular work environment, current priorities and as an aid to their own continuing professional development. It covers a range of topics that are listed in the left hand menu.


This guide is designed for first-line managers within social care provider organisations.

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