Managing practice

Managing poor performance - Examples of gross misconduct

Examples of actions likely to be treated as gross misconduct include, but are not limited to, the following:

  1. theft, fraud, deliberate falsification of records
  2. arson
  3. corrupt practices
  4. submission of false references/information or failure to disclose relevant information when requested in connection with an application for appointment with the agency
  5. disorderly or indecent conduct, fighting at work or threatening physical violence
  6. drunkenness or use of illegal drugs on duty
  7. deliberate damage to agency property or that of other agencies or employees
  8. persistent or substantial failure to follow agency documentary procedures and regulations
  9. breaking statutory provisions which would render the agency or its employees liable to prosecution
  10. serious breach of health and safety rules
  11. serious breach of confidence/confidential information
  12. serious or persistent acts of harassment
  13. incitement to discriminate or actual acts of discrimination in contravention of the agency's Equal Opportunities Policy.
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