Managing practice

Managing poor performance - Informal action

This is action you undertake to ensure that you:

This framework is meant to help you give a clear message in a wide range of circumstances, including conduct at work and professional standards. Bear in mind that you may be dealing with a worker

A supervision session may be the appropriate place to raise these issues, where you have the benefit of setting your concerns in a formalised context of supporting the worker to do their best without being overly heavy -handed. Supervision allows you to record in writing that you have raised a concern without creating anxiety and ambiguity about whether this constitutes a 'formal written warning'.

However, you will have to use your judgement, about the worker, the behaviour and your own style of management to decide how best to have this first conversation. It may be more effective to have a chat in the car. Wherever you talk, you need to be polite, clear about your concerns and expectations and helpful.