Managing practice

Team and service development - Establishing the team and its work

The organisation has placed your team on its family tree. This is likely to be a one dimensional, administrative map, showing reporting, communication and possibly budgeting lines. This map probably determines the pattern of your team meetings: the forum for collective activity. Despite the many structural reorganisations your department is likely to have undergone in recent years, the appearance of this map has probably changed very little. It may reflect certain assumptions:

Organisations worry constantly about time spent in meetings. Individuals echo this when they complain that team meetings deal only with top-down information distribution. Team managers are often faced with running a meeting with an overlong agenda for a large group of disparate workers.

Exercise 4

Duration: One and a half hours
Involve: Everyone that works in the team
Resources: Flipchart, paper & pens

Draw a map that displays these characteristics.