Involving service users and carers in social work education

Example 4

Shaping our Lives National User Network, 2003 (12) 'Guidelines for making events accessible'

These guidelines emphasise that "access is about providing people with equal opportunity to participate fully in whatever is being offered”, and this should be done in a positive and affirmative way. This reminds us that each disabled person will have their own access needs that may change over time and that they may each manage the same impairment/condition quite differently.

The guidelines cover in detail: before a meeting event, getting there, getting in, the place, and during the meeting /event. For example:

[End of text from the Shaping Our Lives National User Network]

Note from SCIE: the Network ground rules above relate mainly to access issues for all participants. They will have to be repeatedly agreed at each meeting and event throughout the process of planning and delivering the courses. It is helpful if they also cover a commitment to: