Promoting resilience in fostered children and young people

Appendix 2: Key reading

Promoting resilience: A guide on working with children in the care system

Gilligan, R. (2001). See reference 28.

This book is packed with practical ideas for how to improve the quality of life of children in care. It carries two key messages of hope:

Attachment, trauma and resilience: Therapeutic caring for children

Cairns, K. (2002). See reference 34.

This book is written from the perspective of a foster carer and describes affirming personal resilience with children who find solitude difficult, encouraging social inclusion and personal and social efficacy, and the development of tranquillity, joy and a sense of wonder.

Assessing and promoting resilience in vulnerable children: A 3 volume set: The early years, The school years, Adolescence

Daniel, B. and Wassell, S. (2002). See reference 92.

This clear and practical workbook shows the importance of encouraging resilience in children and young people who live in challenging circumstances.

Promoting resilience: A review of effective strategies for child care services

Newman, T. (2002). See reference 26.

This report reviews the strategies, inventions and approaches that can help promote the resilience of children and young people. It addresses the following questions: