School and education - ideas from practice

The Who Cares Trust has recently launched CAREZONE, a secure online service for children in public care which provides each child with online educational support on

SHEFFIELD CITY COUNCIL has a Looked After Children Educational Support Team with the overall aim of raising the educational attainment and outcomes for looked-after children. For example, it works to ensure that education for all looked-after children is prioritised and that they all have a personal education plan. The team works closely with a council-wide group to recognise and celebrate the achievements of Sheffield’s looked-after children.

DENBIGHSHIRE SOCIAL SERVICES DEPARTMENT has created the post of education liaison officer for looked-after children, which aims to improve communication and understanding between all those involved in the education of looked-after children, to offer teachers and carers specialised training and to ensure that individual children are offered the support they need, for example in developing and implementing personal education plans.

ENFIELD COUNCIL has a Health & Education Access Resource Team for looked-after children made up of teachers, educational psychologists, educational welfare officers and child and adolescent mental health service staff. The team works in a multi-disciplinary way across boundaries to ensure that the education of all looked-after children is promoted

HAMPSHIRE has appointed a lead officer responsible for the education of looked-after children and a dedicated staff group of teachers and a community therapist for them.

CHESHIRE has a support and development team to promote the education of looked-after children, which has produced an information booklet for foster carers about their education.