Counselling and therapeutic help - ideas from practice

OUTLOOK FOSTERING is an independent fostering provider which promotes child psychotherapy to:

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HAMPSHIRE has appointed a lead officer who is responsible for the education of children in public care, a dedicated staff group of teachers and a community therapist for looked-after children.

JIGSAW, an independent fostering provider, has identified the need to provide individual therapy to the children placed with their carers, as well as offering support to foster carers and teachers. It employs qualified staff providing play therapy, day respite care and classroom support.

Another independent fostering provider, WOODSIDE, commissions a comprehensive therapeutic assessment from an independent provider, with the agreement of the placing local authority. This is followed by therapy and educational services.

WEST SUSSEX has recruited two child psychologists to provide therapy and advice to foster carers with children in permanent placement and this has proved an invaluable support to those caring for children with very challenging behaviour and profound attachment problems. Their 2003 Accommodation Strategy sets out how they will provide additional support and therapeutic assistance to foster carers and children.

ROYAL LIVERPOOL CHILDREN'S TRUST, Alder Hey, in partnership with Liverpool Social Services and the National Teaching and Advisory Service, provide a child and adolescents mental health services fostering innovation. The ROSTA PROJECT is a therapeutic fostering service 'with intensive, multi-disciplinary wraparound support for young people with complex needs'. Evaluation found that it has been successful in significantly increasing placement stability and has achieved real success in reintegrating young people to education and in increasing their attainment.

CHESHIRE has an Education Support and Development Team whose aim is to improve educational achievement and opportunity. It consists of an educational psychologist and three teachers who provide direct support and advice to children and foster carers.

SOUTHWARK has a Care Link Team of mental health workers providing assessment and therapy and also good links with a local psychiatric teaching hospital. It established a project to deal with non-school attendance, which Southwark found to be a factor of placement breakdown.