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VIEWPOINT is a computer-based package that provides a strategic approach to consulting with young people about any topic, for example, assessment, reviews, and service quality, and to obtaining feedback on services from those young people who receive them. Viewpoint also encourages young people to participate in the care planning and review process. Through the use of a Questions and Answers programme and the help of a computer based assistant, young people can give their views and feelings about their care and the services they receive in their own time and in confidence. Topics that can be covered by Viewpoint include:

About In My Shoes

IN MY SHOES is a computer package that helps children and vulnerable adults communicate about their experiences, including potentially distressing events or relationships.

In My Shoes uses images, sound, speech and video. Children are encouraged to share information on their experiences and emotions. The interview is structured, systematic and clear and the focus is on facilitation of communication about the subject areas, with leading questions being avoided. A trained adult works with the child to assist, guide and interact with them through a structured interview process.

In My Shoes requires either a PC computer with a sound card (or a PC laptop) which runs Windows 2000 or later, or a Macintosh running OS X.2 or later. An extra mouse or trackball is very highly recommended (this allows interviewer and interviewee to each have control of the computer). The software for both Macintosh and PC computers is supplied on a single CD .

Professionals should attend a two-day training course based on an action learning approach.

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Please contact: Liza Bingley Miller, National Training Coordinator ,

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