Implementing the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004


King's Fund guide: The King's Fund has published a guide, 'How good is your service to carers? A guide to checking quality standards for local carer support services', to aid the evaluation of quality standards for local providers of carer support services.

NHS carers direct: NHS carers direct offers information, advice and support for carers

Princess Royal Trust for Carers: The Princess Royal Trust for Carers have launched a professionals website. The site aims to ensure that anyone working professionally with carers has access to the best information available on the internet.

Vitalise: Vitalise is a national charity providing short breaks (respite care) and other services for disabled people, visually impaired people, and carers.

Listening to Carers DVD

The Beacon Councils for carers have produced a DVD featuring carers: Listening to Carers, the key to a life outside caring . The carers talk about the impact of caring and their experiences of accessing information, assessment and services.

The DVD is accompanied by a training pack and has five chapters :

  1. Carers' lives
  2. Finding out what help is available
  3. What is a carers' assessment?
  4. What carers want from their assessment
  5. Making a difference - a life outside caring

The DVD can be downloaded from

Launch event downloads

Ace Radio recorded a special programme at the launch event in London.

To hear the full programme visit the ACE Radio website at

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