Implementing the Carers (Equal Opportunities) Act 2004

Cooperation between authorities

In this section:

The extent to which carers are disadvantaged can be viewed in terms of the social model of disability, in that it is the barriers in society rather than a person's caring role that restricts them. Inflexible services and lack of awareness, both within and outside social care, can contribute to the social exclusion of carers.

The 2004 Act requires that other public bodies give due consideration to requests from the local authority for assistance in planning services for carers. Cooperation between authorities is essential for the support of carers. It will not only raise awareness among public bodies of their responsibilities towards carers, but it will also encourage society as a whole to support carers rather than leaving it just to social services. There are many things that other authorities can do to support carers, and local authorities - through the multi-agency strategy and the carer's lead - should ensure that awareness is raised.

As large-scale employers, public services are in a position to set an example for good practice in employment. In addition to this, links should be made with local employers to promote a carer-friendly approach to employment.