Involving children and young people in developing social care

Culture: resource tool box 2

Understanding current organisational culture

Empowering children and young people. P. Treseder, Save the Children, 1997. Training package for staff that includes a session on identifying where the power lies within an organisation and how it could be redistributed to achieve greater involvement for children and young people.

'Building a culture of participation' handbook. P. Kirby, C. Lanyon, K. Cronin and R. Sinclair, Department for Education and Skills, 2003. Handbook to support professionals in sustaining and embedding their participation activity, including questions for professionals to consider. Available at:

Re:action consultation toolkit. Save the Children Scotland Programme, 2001. This training package includes sessions that prompt practitioners to consider attitudes and behaviour relating to children and young people's involvement, and provides an activity to support the development of a shared definition of participation.