Involving children and young people in developing social care

Practice: resource tool box 1

Participation of disabled children and young people

Onwards and upwards: Involving disabled children and young people in decision-making. J. Griffiths, G. Cunningham and S. Dick, Children in Scotland, 1999. A training manual for practitioners.

Don't leave us out. J. Morris, 1998. Includes checklists for involving disabled children and young people in different contexts.

Researching children's perspectives. Lewis and Lyndsay, 2000. Includes discussion about carrying out research with children with Down's syndrome and children with severe/moderate learning difficulties.

Two-way street: Training video and handbook about communicating with disabled children and young people. NSPCC/Joseph Rowntree Foundation/Triangle, 2001

I'll go first. L. Kirkbride, The Children's Society, 1999. Provides practitioners with practical tools to enable disabled children to communicate their views when key decisions are being made about their care and education.

Listen up! Helping children with a learning disability complain about the services they use. Mencap, 2003.

Listening as a way of life: Listening to young disabled children. M. Dickens, National Children's Bureau, June 2004. Factsheet for practitioners. Available at

Consulting with children and young people on accessibility strategies: A good practice guide. Children in Scotland, 2003.

Seen and heard: Involving disabled children and young people in research and development projects. L. Ward, YPS, 1997.

Starting with choice: Inclusive strategies for consulting with young children. M. Dickens, S. Emerson and P. Gordon-Smith, Save the Children, 2004. Includes a range of techniques for early years workers to support disabled young children in expressing views and making choices.

Listening on all channels: Consulting with disabled children and young people. R. Marchant et al, Triangle, 1999.