Involving children and young people in developing social care

Review: resource tool box 1

Evidencing the process of participation

'Taking part' toolkit: Promoting the real participation of children and young people. P. Wright and D. Haydon, North West Children's Taskforce, 2002 The toolkit includes a participation audit tool for practitioners and young people to use to review the development of participation within an organisation, as well as an action plan pro forma to inform the future development of participation.

Hear by right: Setting standards for the active involvement of young people in democracy. H. Wade, A. Lawton and M. Stevenson, Local Government Association, 2001. Provides a set of standards for organisations to review the development of participation.

Participation: Checking the scoreboard. NSW Commission for Children and Young People, 2004. Guide to support organisations to 'reflect and take stock' of how effectively children and young people are involved in their work and decision-making processes. Available at: