Involving children and young people in developing social care

Structure: resource tool box 1

Identification of 'participation champions'

' Total respect' course handbook. Children's Rights Officers and Advocates/Department of Health, 2000. Training pack designed to help frontline staff and managers develop the skills to listen to children and young people effectively.

Involving children and young people - where to find out more. National Youth Agency/Department for Education and Skills, revised edition June 2004. As well as providing details of useful references and resources, this guide also includes lists of organisations that promote children and young people's rights and participation. Available at

On the rights track: Guidance for local authorities on developing children's rights and advocacy services. Children's Rights Officers and Advocates/Local Government Association,1998. Provides examples of job descriptions and work plans for children's right's officers and advocates.

Circus skills: A training, support and development needs survey of participation workers. K. Kilgour, Carnegie Young People Initiative, 2002. Includes case studies of participation worker posts within voluntary and statutory sectors and provides details of their main duties. Available at