Improving outcomes for service users in adult placement - Commissioning and care management

Appendix 1: Key findings from first-stage project

Summary of key findings

The practice survey aimed to identify emerging and developing practice where person-centred approaches have successfully been applied to adult placements. Visits to 16 'good practice’ placements selected by the four participating schemes showed that these placement carers were working in a person-centred way with service users although they were not using formal 'person-centred planning’ systems. The National Association of Adult Placement Services’ model adult placement standards and processes help schemes support adult placement carers to support service users, from referral to review, to achieve choice, independence and inclusion. Schemes were clear that adult placement is founded on the relationship between user and carer in a family setting, and that carers’ attitudes and values are the key to person-centred practice.

Discussions with scheme staff, adult placement carers and service users, however, highlighted a number of issues affecting person-centred working in adult placement, including:

Adult placement processes

Assessment and referral

Matching and introductions

In the placement

Annual reviews

Person-centred issues

Person-centred planning

Moving on

Adult placement carer training

Adult placement carers’ views on placement caring

Family life

Birth families



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