Improving outcomes for service users in adult placement - Commissioning and care management

Commissioning adult placement - Introduction

Previous studies of adult placement and anecdotal evidence demonstrate how highly adult placement is valued by people who use it, as well as by local authority and other service purchasers. The ability of adult placement to deliver small, local, individualised services was acknowledged in the adult services Green Paper which promoted expansion of the sector.

With its focus on the individual, family and community, adult placement is well placed to help social services departments (SSDs) meet the aims of the adults services White Paper: to commission at the level of the service user and offer 'more control, more choice and high-quality support for people who use care services, …harness[ing] the capacity of the whole community’ (5). The project fieldwork suggests, however, that in order to realise its value and potential, adult placement needs to become better known and understood by strategic commissioners and care managers, and schemes need to become more active partners in developing local commissioning strategies.