Improving outcomes for service users in adult placement - Commissioning and care management


On behalf of the Association of Directors of Social Services I welcome this guide. We are at a time of huge change in social services and with the development of personalised budgets it is increasingly clear that Adults' Services will need to concentrate more on supporting very small scale services. These services can be very well placed to meet the requirements of the White Paper 'Our Health, Our Care, Our Say', by being flexible, rooted in local communities, and adapted to individuals with their need for independence and choice.

It is clear that many individuals will be opting for these tiny services under the new Individual Budgets and In Control arrangements. As commissioners we still have a good deal to learn about how to support these services. But it is also the case that they can offer good value for money.

Adult Placement is an excellent example of how small scale services can work. It has been with us for many years, often without the recognition it deserves. It should gain increasing attention in this new world.

It does depend on partnership between strategic commissioners supporting schemes, and then between care managers and the adult placement scheme, and adult placement carers all working with the service user. As always, it depends strongly upon good care planning and person centred focus. As for other personalised services, attention needs to be given locally as to how to develop advocacy which is both effective and independent.

I really look forward to this guide being an indispensable handbook for commissioners.

John Dixon Association of Directors of Social Services