Community-based day activities and supports for people with learning disabilities

Messages from 'Having a good day'

In terms of establishing employment for people, it helps to:

In moving towards community-based services, it helps to:

To ensure that people are doing what they want to do, it helps to:

Key ingredients for success

'Having a good day' identified 13 key ingredients for building and delivering good community-based daytime opportunities and supports.

When all of these ingredients are mixed together local areas can achieve great results. Take one or two of the ingredients out of the mix and the desired outcome - people having good, community-based lives - is harder to achieve. Why not use the very simple Framework for reflection (26kb PDF file) based on the 13 key ingredients with people in your area to reflect on how the work to create ordinary daytime opportunities and support for people is progressing? It should help to highlight where things are going well, and where some extra input is needed.

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